He loves me {free}

Meet Mari

Hi, I’m Mari. MARI MAYBORN-Promo #1 copy 2It rhymes with “safari.”

God’s brought me through some tough things.  He’s delivered me into freedom over and over. Not so much because I’m this woman who has her act together, but because I really do seek God and find Him. And He gives me all I need and more so I can overcome things that can rob me of true freedom: worry, insecurity, discouragement, self-doubt, defeat and uncertainty. God arms me with life-giving words in His Bible. He also gives me good traveling companions.

Please count me in as one of your good traveling companions. Let me encourage you and help you grow in your faith and in living well with God.  I am a wife, friend and a been-changed-by-His-Word kind of girl. I love to connect with women and to help them connect with God—the only One who gives us real life and true peace.

Feel free to comment to connect here. Or if you’re shy about commenting, visit me on Facebook so we can get to know each other better.
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Thanks for stopping in.
Happy to share God’s life-giving words all wrapped up in color.


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