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Wake Up My Faith

Believing in God can get pretty comfortable—especially when it’s solely a personal thing.

When I believe in God but don’t see that faith coming alive in what I do—it’s time to stop, drop and roll into the presence of the Author and Perfecter of my faith.

Discouraged by the gap between what you believe and what you’re living out in everyday life?
Don’t be discouraged. Bring to God curiosity about what He created you to do.   Sit down and flat out ask Him—God, who do you want me to love today? Listen. Wait.

Then embrace the next step. We’re not going it alone. His Spirit leads us—when we’re awake.

Sometimes it’s a matter of getting our eyes off ourselves.
It’s going into the day with a heart that says God, get my attention. Give me eyes of faith.
Enable me see right when and where You give me sweet opportunities to love in word and action.

Lord, Wake up my faith!

Wake up your faith!

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